Venta y Renta de Remolques Food Trailers

Food Trailers

  • Custom Concession Food Trailers, build your food trailer as you wish or choose from our stock models.
Venta y Renta de Remolques Caja Seca | Closed Trailers

Cargo Trailers

  • Enclosed trailers are ideal for moving cargo that requires special care: motorcycles, cars, razors, furniture, electrical appliances, etc.
Venta y Renta de Remolques Oficina Movil | Mobile office trailers

Mobile Office Trailers

  • Offices for construction, residential sales area, mobile booths, warehouses, mobile bedrooms, mobile classrooms, etc.
Venta y Renta de Remolques Plataforma Cama Baja | Platform Low Bed Trailers

Utility trailers

  • Utility trailers have their platform at an average level of the tires so it is easily accessible for any type of cargo.
Venta y Renta de Remolques Punto de venta | Sales Trailers

Point of Sale trailers

  • Trailers for mobile product stores, showrooms, with easy and quick access to people.
Venta y Renta de Remolques con tanque / ganaderos  | Agriculture / Container Trailers

Tank / Agricultural trailers

  • Trailers for agricultural use, to move liquids, livestock, bales, for irrigation proposes, etc.
Venta y Renta de Jaulas | Cage Trailers

Landscape trailers

  • Ideal trailers to move high volume products such as: water tanks, scrap, plastics and much more.



We are a team of professionals in design and engineering areas, certified for the manufacture of trailers and truck bodies, with the intention of offering first level products and services.

Today we are one of the biggest food trailers manufacturer in the country, providing our products to all Mexican and US markets.


Our main objective is to provide security and confidence to our customers, that is why we handle materials of the highest quality, and thus ensure that everything manufactured by our company has the necessary requisites to obtain certification with the U.S. Department of Transportation and CIFI in Mexico, registered in REPUVE and with the World Manufacturer Identifier for the processing of license plates nationwide.

U.S. Department of Transportation approved
World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) certified
Certificados con CIFI (Código Identificador de Fabricante Internacional)
Certificados por REPUVE (Registro Público Vehicular)
San Antonio Awards Program Best of 2018


Venta y Renta de Remolques Caja Seca | Closed Trailers
  • Custom made trailers and truck bodies manufacturing, depending on the needs of each costumer.
  • Repair and maintenance service of trailers and truck bodies.
  • Sale of spare parts for trailers: lights, axles, springs, wheels, rims, mechanical jacks, domes, pulls, connections and much more.


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